Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my calendar this - setup is super simple and will help us connect!

All you need to do is click on this link Brooke's Calendar, to see when I have available openings in my schedule. When you find a day/time that works for both of our schedules then you have two options: 

1. Follow this link to schedule an appointment completely online (plus as an added bonus it includes email reminders and the opportunity to add it to your own calendar): Schedule Appointments


2. Email me at actualinnocencepod@gmail.com and let me know what time works for you and we can confirm by email.

Whichever way works best for you - works best for me! (here's a tip though If you are scheduling a spot for for a show guest, it is a good idea use their email because they will get reminders before their scheduled times (or if they don't have email you can remind them)

I look forward to speaking with you!