Hunt a Killer - My FAVORITE Activity!

I'm so excited to have received my first box from Hunt a Killer! (you can get a discount if you use my code Clue when you purchase your own) This Blog is going to highlight my adventures and probably... hopefully... going to contain a lot of spoilers about the adventure! Just to let you know from here on out everything is going to be presented as if it's real (but we know it's not real - right?... right?)

Okay... enough... I'm excited to dig in! 

Box 2 - Unboxing and Inventory

Did I mention I love this - I think I chose the wrong career I should have been a detective! Anyways, remember you can join in the fun to by applying for membership at and if you use my code, clue, you can even get a discount! Okay onto the box... 

Opening... opening...

Okay so I see another manilla envelope lying on the bottom of the box, but the first thing that caught my eye is a small black flashlight, but it won't turn on. Drat - I need to get some AAA's. I'm already excited though - I'm hoping for secret messages like we used to do in High School. 

Okay lets see what's inside this envelope (I also noticed I had a different inspector this time). There's some kind of weird picture on velum paper of a dragon or something but it looks like parts of it have been almost whited out. Weird... there is also another letter from the fine folks at Listening Friends of America reminding me to tell them if I find something weird... I wonder if a dragon picture counts? 

There is a file folder, bent in half. It's brown and when I open it, having been a therapist myself, I can tell it's a mental health record. Hmmm how did my "friend" manage to get this - is this weird? Should I be reporting? 

What else, what else? The last thing I see is a letter from my friend, OMG a tooth just fell out at me when I opened this letter. Gross! I'm holding a tooth... this IS definitely weird!

Wow... that was intense! I need to put something under my pillow, wash my hands, and then grab some AAA batteries and then I will be back for my Initial Impressions of box 2. 


Box 1 - Deeper Dive

I can't wait until Box 2 arrives, but so far I'm hooked and Box 1 is keeping me super busy. Remember if you want to order your own Hunt A Killer Box you can use my code word "Clue" to get a discount!

Here are some of the things I've been working towards solving... I've decided not to put everything on here because I think that might ruin the fun for some.


I’m starting with The Swan card… it simply says “The Swan.” So I’m going to start by just googling it like that…

So apparently there are a lot of Swan related topics to be googled:

  • The Swan was a theater in London
  • When I went to images under Google another star chart popped up with a Swan constellation named Cygnus
  • The Swan is a poem
  • It’s a Ballet in Baltimore about Serial Killers


I’m moving onto the star chart for the moment… this thing has me baffled. A little more about the chart.  Just to be clear I’m holding it in front of my face parallel to my head (it looks like the appropriate way to view it)…

  • At the Bottom it has five horizon lines, so I assume that the things below the lines would not be visible at that particular location. From highest to lowest the lines are labeled NOrleans, Louisville, Philad(with some symbol behind it – I’m assuming Philadelphia), Boston and London. Below the Horizon lines on the card is this statement “The Northern Sky at 10pm, Sep23 at 9pm, Oct 8 and at 8pm Oct 23
  • There are several constellations in the “Viewing area” of the star chart
  • At the top the viewing area has a rounded shape and printed near the top of the card it is labeled “Overhead”.  There is a line down the center of the card and directions on the left that say “O is the ‘point overhead’ for the latitude of Philadelphia on the right is says that “O is the ‘point overhead’ for the lat of Boston Ofor LondondEng.” Then on the left it states “Star of 1st Mag” and 3rd. On the right it says “Star of 2nd Mag” and 4th all with some star symbols behind the label.

So What am I going to do with this?

  • I’m checking out Cygnus to see if the key tells me anything, but really I’m just guessing at this point. I even pulled the plastic (what I think is fishing line) off the back to see if it connected something, but I don’t think so.
  •  I put the dates that are in the bottom of the card in Google, I wish I had a year,  but there doesn’t seem to be one. Should I try the year from the article?

I have no idea what to do with this thing – I’m going to put it aside for now.


Okay I’m looking at the letter from my friend. I’ve noticed that the phrases that I uncovered are all in what is more or less the middle section of the letter. Does that mean that there are more articles? I think I’m going to focus on the author this go… My friend’s name is John William James.

  • Many of the John William James records that I’ve come across are for people who are deceased. I’m fairly confident my friend is alive!
  • I’m now googling John William James and various phrases from the letter that seem like they could be a bit disjointed.

Box 1 - Initial Impression

So, I need to make a Confession, I was skeptical at first. I mean, to be completely honest, I thought this was going to feel a lot like work.  I've been a therapist and I'm someone who does a lot of research on true crime. I wondered if this could possibly really be fun, but I realized it's not just fun, but it's also intriguing, it is keeping my mind sharp, and I love it!

My radiator went out on my car and it's snowing, so I had no place to be today (and no way to get there). I spent the early part of my afternoon examining the clues... and I'm really hooked. 

Okay, Spoilers Below... 

The following are the things that came with my first box and my initial examination.

The Box itself is red and black and has a Baltimore return address on it. When I put the return address into Google Maps I noticed that it came back to a residential area. Nothing else seemed significant at this point about the box.

Inside the Box was a welcome letter and a manila envelope with an inspection sticker and the initials on the sticker are I believe are RS (there is also a phone number on there). I read the welcome letter, I don't think there are any clues on there, but I joined the facebook group.


I opened the Envelope and there were several things inside: 

1. A Letter from Listening Friends of America (LFoA): This letter is thanking me for joining LFoA and has informed me that they are some sort of one way penpal service for people who are institutionalized for whatever reason. They have informed me that if there is anything suspicious in my package it will be removed (I called the number on the sticker - they were happy to sell me stickers but could not tell me if something had been removed). The letter was signed from George Madson, the Vice President of LFoA and there was a website address included. 

I went to the Website and signed up for like three things using my email. I did read the archived newsletter... the quote at the beginning is: “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” -Henry David Thoreau

(at this point I'm wondering if I'm too busy noticing everything that there is a something obvious I'm not noticing)

Felix has signed a letter at the beginning and sites upcoming changes in the organization. He mentions that James Madson (VP of Darlington Division) will be introducing valued staff members. 

Introduction of Jacob Nilson by Madson: Nilson... used to be a volunteer, used to be an inspector - though my inspector is RS, Used to be a fund raiser specifically mentions bake sales.

There is a puzzle, by Mr. Puzzle: Solved I believe it says  "The Pilot was born this year... twenty some years later he never made it to Brazil".

This is all I have related to Listening Friends of America. 

Okay... next thing was an article with redacted sections about sinkholes.

I googled and found the actual article and copied down the redacted parts: Mulberry Street, Scott, The Baltimore Sun, Mullberry Street, Grace, Paca, York Road, Cockeysville, Centre Street in Mount Vernon, Kurt Kocher, The Leaky Pipe, Carries More Water, Kocher, Kocher, Breaks and Leaks, Are, Show, Depression, Adrienne Barnes, To last decades, Mulberry Street, Perhaps a century Barnes, Mulberry. I made a note to myself to map out the locations later. I'm not sure where to go from here so I'm moving on to the next thing.

3. There is a small white cup that looks like it might be a ketchup cup, or in an institution perhaps to be used as a pill cup. It's smashed and empty. 

4. There is an envelop with the letter inside on the outside is the typed word friend. The letter isn't sealed. It's a typed letter thanking me for being their friend and talking about basically a quest to find the truth. I've noticed several of the phrases he used seemed forced and were from the redacted sections of the article. I've bolded them in the above paragraph. The letter is signed by John William James. Who, I promptly Google, but nothing is sticking out at me right away. 

5. There is an Olive Green card with a picture of a swan on it that says "The Swan." I Google The Swan. Baltimore and a ballet about a serial killer comes on the screen. Well that's interesting, but there doesn't seem to be anything matching the picture.

6. There is what appears to be a star chart about half the size of a regular piece of paper. It's Blue and has some constellations on it. When I flipped it over to the other side I noticed there was a piece of what looks like fishing line or maybe a guitar string on the back attached with blue painters tape. I leave it in place for now, but google Swan Constellation and come up with Cygnus which is one of the constellations on the map. Very Interesting. 

7. Also included in my box was a small notebook, I'm going to make note of all the above mentioned things in the book.


Okay, I need to go pick up my car, but I can't wait until I get home this evening to delve a little deeper into this constellation connection.