Box 2 - Unboxing and Inventory

Did I mention I love this - I think I chose the wrong career I should have been a detective! Anyways, remember you can join in the fun to by applying for membership at and if you use my code, clue, you can even get a discount! Okay onto the box... 

Opening... opening...

Okay so I see another manilla envelope lying on the bottom of the box, but the first thing that caught my eye is a small black flashlight, but it won't turn on. Drat - I need to get some AAA's. I'm already excited though - I'm hoping for secret messages like we used to do in High School. 

Okay lets see what's inside this envelope (I also noticed I had a different inspector this time). There's some kind of weird picture on velum paper of a dragon or something but it looks like parts of it have been almost whited out. Weird... there is also another letter from the fine folks at Listening Friends of America reminding me to tell them if I find something weird... I wonder if a dragon picture counts? 

There is a file folder, bent in half. It's brown and when I open it, having been a therapist myself, I can tell it's a mental health record. Hmmm how did my "friend" manage to get this - is this weird? Should I be reporting? 

What else, what else? The last thing I see is a letter from my friend, OMG a tooth just fell out at me when I opened this letter. Gross! I'm holding a tooth... this IS definitely weird!

Wow... that was intense! I need to put something under my pillow, wash my hands, and then grab some AAA batteries and then I will be back for my Initial Impressions of box 2.