I try (really hard but often forget) to remember to take pictures everywhere that I go, so you can see what I am seeing, when you listen to the show! Click on the picture to see the Gallery of Images from that adventure!


To be somewhere that had an entire room of podcasters at tables was amazing to me. I was with “my people” people.

2017 Innocence conference

The Innocence Conference was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had! There was so much love and support all around... everywhere.

Adventure to the Georgia Innocence Project

My Team and I were so honored to meet the Exonerees and workers at the GIP!

Things from my Sponsors

We are so fortunate that companies CHOOSE to support podcasts by placing advertisements within our shows. I am grateful to every. single. sponsor. that has taken a chance on us! 

Finding the Love in Philly

I drove across the eastern part of our country to visit the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and was able to meet a couple of podcast buddies along the way!